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First Date Tips - For Girls!

Mon, 05 Jul 2010

I don't think it matters how old you are, First dates can make even the most confident a person nervous. A thousand things run through your head - what do I wear? Where should we go? Are we going to hit it off? What if we run out of things to say? There are many stresses & pressures around a first date which can take away from the romance and fun of the date itself - so, below are what we believe are the 10 top tips for girls to follow on a first date:


1. Be on TIME!

There is no such thing as being fashionably late for a date. And girls - it's a known fact females are worst at being on time (comparably to guys) but there is no excuse legit enough for being late for a first date. Make sure your make up & clothes are on, hair done & bag is ready for when they knock on your door; ring your mobile, whatever! Keeping him waiting is a BIG no go!!!

2. If your nervous - admit it

Girls, you're lucky in that you can admit things easier than guys (think asking for directions as an example!) There is no better ice breaker than admitting how nervous you've been - we're sure the guy will admit the same thing straight back and it can be a great conversation starter and set the mood to one that is a lot more relaxed & comfortable.

3. Dress Appropriately

Hard advice to take but important! Of course you want to impress them with your great set of legs or boobs but do you want to be seen as girlfriend material or sex material? This doesn't mean to say dress like a nun or conservatively if you don't normally - wear what you feel comfortable in (dates can be uncomfortable enough without uncomfortable clothes!) & something that says sexy without screaming sex. You're the girl his chosen to get to know better, you want to prove your more than what you wear.

4. Keep the conversation interesting & alive

Of course this goes for the guys as well but sometimes we're just better at this! It's safe to say one of people's biggest fears about a first date (or most dates) is running out of things to talk about which could lead to the .... dreaded awkward silence. Our best advice? Think about what you could talk about before you get on the date. There's nothing wrong with doing a bit of planning on topics to chat about with the guy before you get on the date - remember - if you can start a great conversation....the rest just falls in to place!

5. Don't Lie & keep ex's out of it

It's not proven of course but in our humble opinion - we find girls more guilty of this than guys. And don't write yourself off so quickly when you read lie and think ‘god I'd never do that'. If the date's going really well & you're a few cocktails or wines down, don't start saying you love interests such as surfing or motorbikes just because A) you think he does or B) he has said he does. Nothing worse than being someone you're not to a prospective suitor. And especially make sure you don't bring up any ex's - it's not going to make him jealous - it'll just make him run!

6. Keep your Mobile in your bag

I'd say keep it at home but I know in 2010 that would never happen so telling (not asking) you to keep it in your bag is not too big an ask. If you've accepted the date and it's going well there's no need to be checking your phone to see if you've got any texts or missed calls (tell your girlfriends they'll hear from you as SOON as it ends, but not sooner). Nothing will turn a guy off quicker than you seeming disinterested in the date by playing with your phone every chance you get - KEEP IT AWAY! (same rule applies to guys don't worry).

7. Avoid long & boring stories

I know no one likes an awkward silence, but filling what you think might be a silence with a long and boring story is worth than the silence itself. I suppose the best way to ensure that this doesn't occur is to remember that you're on this date to get to know one another better, so him hearing all about you and irrelevant stories of ‘how this one time me and my girlfriends got soooooooooo drunk' is a big no go zone.

8. Accept compliments

Guys are sometimes too nervous or unsure if a compliment is ok on a first date so they can be rare. If a compliment is therefore given, "you look really great tonight", "I love your perfume", accept it graciously. Confidence in a woman is just as sexy for guys so don't brush it off like you normally would, take that compliment & own it!

9. Have Fun!

This tip is suitable to old/young/gay/straight so we're certainly not reinventing the wheel - We're just reminding you that dating is meant to be fun so remember that whilst you're out on your next date. Laugh, smile, hold eye contact, have some fun flirting - dating isn't meant to be like an interview & it's not meant to be hard, so relax & have a good time!

10. Don't start taking about future dates on your first date

It'll just make you seem either over confident or too eager - & neither quality is attractive to guys. Remember that guys also love mystery and a chase as much as girls do so keeping yourself in the moment and the ‘future' unknown will do more for you than trying to hook up more dates on your first one!


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