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Life & Love, or something like it

Mon, 05 Mar 2012

Here's what I think ...

So admittedly, this advice is not specifically relative to dating per se, but as I always say and believe, you're not going to find the right ‘one' or hold down a successful relationship until you love yourself. Therefore, working on you and your life in general is vitally important.

I don't believe anyone can say they have found the secret to a happy life with no problems, as what is life without its problems really. Un realistic, as any realist will tell you. What I do believe is that we're here to live and especially to love and to learn lessons at every point along the way.

I'm no expert in any sense of the term, and I never will claim to be. What I am, is someone who cares, who learns and who shares what I have learnt in the hopes of helping others who might have just needed to hear the right thing at the exact moment. So below, are some of my lessons I've learned in life so far.

• Don't ever loose site of the bigger picture. Whatever that may be.

• Your goals are there to remind you of what you're really working towards. So make them. Review them. Stick to them.

• You must have a strong set of values to always call on to guide your decision making and actions. If you don't have a clear set, then take the time to learn about values and then write them up and keep them with you. Whenever in doubt, they're there to remind you of what's most important to you and will help make decision making a much easier task.

• Don't ever take your bad moods or anger out on your nearest and dearest. Love them instead. Be grateful that you have nearest and dearest to help you through moods and anger instead of lashing out on them when they haven't done anything wrong.

• Always, always keep perspective and remember that whatever your stresses are, they too will pass. If you don't have a quick and easy way of calling on perspective, get out there and volunteer with those less fortunate than you and you will soon have a truck load of perspective to call upon.

• Remain grateful for all that you have and all that is to come. You woke up this morning? FANTASTIC. Isn't it beautiful that we're alive and have the gift of living. Your day might be shit, but remaining grateful will make those dark days a little brighter.

• Know what makes you happy and go after it. I mean down to the littlest things. Write a list of 25 things that make you happy (listening to music, calling a friend, having a bath with loud music) and call on that list to change your attitude from dark to happy. On a bigger level, know what makes you happy with your job and relationships and always seek it. Don't ever pursue happiness - LIVE happiness.

• Don't complain if you're not willing to change whatever it is, or fix it.

• Don't react too fast, judge too fast or assume to fast. Life is one big lesson and we're ALL learning and living along the way, remember you're not meant to understand or ‘get' everybody you meet, but you should try to always respect differences.

• Always seek first to understand someone, before you are understood.

So there you have it. It's nothing mind blowing or earth shattering, but it's helped me get through life until this point so I hope you found something in there for you too.

Yours in Peace & Love xx

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