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Tips on Confidence

Fri, 28 Jan 2011

1. Know that everything you need you already have.

Regardless of what you want in life or who you want to become you need to really believe you already posses the tools to get there. If you're a shy person who looks at confident people & wonder's how they got that way, it's because they are using the gifts & traits that they've nurtured within them, that you just haven't yet discovered.

2. Believe in who you are so others will.

Being confident isn't about being the prettiest or skinniest & being able to show that off. It's about believing in who you are, what you stand for & letting that radiate through.

3. Remember to smile.

Smiling doesn't necessarily immediately propel you in to being confident, but can you imagine the difference from walking through a shopping centre or arriving at a party and instead of looking at the floor or around nervously, you look in to people's eyes and give them your genuine smile - no one dislikes those who have a friendly outlook.

4. Have fun in what you do.

Think back to times when you or someone else has come across someone who has served you in a bad mood, treated you like you were nothing or glared at you for no reason at all. And then think back to what you think in your head or have said out loud about them....never something positive that's for sure. Being in the moment with whatever your doing - dishes, hanging with friends, going on a date - and enjoying those moments will make you be the person you are inside, once you start having fun with your tasks, jobs, the people that surround you a natural confidence with exude from you without you even trying.

5. Have Self Respect.

People aren't going to respect you if you don't respect yourself, & with respect for yourself, comes confidence in who you are. Simple as that.

6. Surround yourself with people you love & who inspire.

There is nothing more healthy than an amazing group of friends. Remember the saying "you are the friends you keep" - that means if you find your always bitching about how bitchy one of your friends is, or (dare I say the word) ‘slutty' some of your friends there, then chances are you either one too, or others think that about you due to the group you have. Finding people who inspire you & make you be the best person possible are your true friends and one's who's friendships deserve to be worked on and cherished. Once you have friends who inspire you to do better, are always there & make you happy you will discover a deeper kind of confidence you've ever had.

7. Love yourself

Nothing will send someone packing quicker than the ‘desperate vibe'. The good thing is once you know who you are & what you are about you'll soon begin to realise that your life is amazing! You become happy, I mean genuinely happy and content with getting what you want out of life like your career, friends, health and family so when a suitable person comes along your stoked because its like a massive bonus. And he will come!

Yours in Peace & Love xx


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