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Sun, 29 May 2011

Restaurant Date

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85 The Esplanade, South Perth WA
Phone: (08) 9474 3030

Cuisine: Modern Australian / Brassier
Eftpos facilities available

I know I don't speak on behalf of everyone when I make the following assumption however, here goes. Don't be put off taking your date to Coco's because you have a connotation it's too ‘posh' or too expensive. Sure it's not cheap, however these days it is averagely priced as far as high end restaurants go.

Boasting gorgeous views over the Perth skyline and having a very fine interior Coco's is still known for a fine dining experience so do dress to impress. As with all my date ideas or reviews, Coco's is a great place to go as if you've both had a fantastic night, you can go for a stroll along the gorgeous river afterwards, or walk up to the Windsor for some drinks.

Coco's does have an extensive wines list so if you know your date loves wine then this is the perfect restaurant (if you're also willing to splash out a little).


I would say don't book Coco's for a first date if it's only to impress! I recommend Coco's as a 2nd or 3rd date where you're both a little more comfortable and you want to take them somewhere nice, not just to impress.



Bruschetta $9
Garlic Bread $6.60
Natural Rock Oysters $4.30 (EACH)


Free range chicken risotto $28.50
Chilli & King Prawn Linguini $29.80
Crispy skin Barramundi $28.50
Char Grilled Sirloin (300g) $42.50


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